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Deliberate Breakthroughs is a Boutique

Management Consulting & Leadership Development Firm

Delivering Alignment For Executive & Leadership Teams

A Track Record Of Industry Leadership:

  • Over 40,000 hours of experience
  • 20+ years in leadership
  • 13 years in training & development
  • 10 years in coaching
  • Over 2,100+ employees impacted by our programs
  • Supported over 50+ different executive teams
  • Turned a $30M company from loss to profit in one quarter by employing our total alignment method and accountability approach

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Our clients get that discipline takes consistency and support and that good leadership has the most direct impact on revenue growth.

Years of experience have taught us, however, that it can be challenging to pull on that discipline and remember what it means to be a true leader in an ever-changing workplace.

That's why our focus is to start with what's motivating the leader first. Once that is clear, we help you to develop and retain incredible people and create the teams and culture that stand for something—a culture where humans are at the center of the transformation.

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Deliberate Breakthroughs - Our Services

Imagine you have full team alignment on your business vision. Each team member is confident and effective because they understand how their contribution fits into the wider plan. They understand their impact and therefore feel empowered to go beyond just the ‘job’ to empower emerging and future leaders. This proven approach is how we support you to create real impact by transforming the culture of your company together.


Our team of experienced Executive Coaches and Strategists collaborate with your leadership team to unlock powerful alignment and growth strategies in our transformative and proven process that employs both proprietary and industry-leading tools to create lasting transformation and impact on leader performance and growth.

Whether you’re going through a recent right-sizing exercise or leadership shift, it’s key that your teams have agreements that empower them to interact authentically and courageously rather than cautiously or in siloes.


Executive coaching is a powerful tool that can help established and emerging leaders to achieve their full potential. Our goal is to support you in developing more leaders in your organization by building confidence and up-leveling top talent from within your company.

Working with an experienced coach also enables valuable insights into your and your team’s own leadership style, as well as the needs of the organization. Through coaching, leaders can develop a clearer understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, and identify strategies to enhance their performance and achieve their goals.


We operate on the intersection of complex problems and team alignment. Supporting leaders to clarify their vision and then translate that vision into a roadmap and action plan with the executive team.

Our team creates and supports an ongoing accountability structure focused on aligning people, processes, and resources that sets up senior leadership to continually build healthy growth for the organization.

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5 Specific Times Clients Call

When the leadership team has had at least 3 conversations discussing the same issue without coming to an agreement.

When there is a major market shift and the leadership team is failing to act on it.

When there is an injection of revenue into the business and the CEO/Executive Team can not come to an alignment on how to deploy that additional revenue.

When the company has made the decision to move in a new direction and everyone beyond the C-suite is in mutiny about the change.

When one or more senior executives have left the organization because they disagreed with the strategic direction and that dissonance has started to trickle down.


Working with Andrés has been an eye-opening journey. I walked in with imposter syndrome and heavy trauma from another boss that was impacting my work and relationships in my current role. I was always thinking about what I could have done better which was on constant replay in every situation all of the time. This rumination caused a lot of anxiety and stress in my new role. I became both the victim and villain in my own story. Being in this perpetual state of mind, kept my answers hidden from me. Andres pushed me to connect with my higher self, take back control of the driver's seat, and take a breath (which is something that I didn't even allow myself to do). I walked away being able to think as a leader, scan the landscape to think strategically for my team + coaching strategies, and reconfigure my mindset around breaks and wins. I am forever grateful to Andres for holding space for me and supporting me on my healing journey to become a true leader. Thanks a million times over for all the time and work we have done together.

Jennifer Justice

Director of Client Services, Sol Marketing Agency

"Andrés helped us remember why we are healthcare professionals and refocus on each other and our patients. This has improved job enjoyment and satisfaction which was reflected in the increased employee engagement scores. In addition, our patient experience scores also improved significantly. Together, we really achieved the impossible and became the model for the institution. My team has become a family that treats everyone with respect and trust. It is an exhilarating feeling, and everything is now possible."

Chief of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery

University of Chicago Medicine

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your impact. You are well known and loved by all members of our team. You are lovingly referred to as our therapist and you have helped refocus and re-energize our teamwork and patient care. Personally through your guidance I have increased my enjoyment of my patient interactions."

Andres has been amazing!!! He makes me feel very important with his listening skills, checks in during the conversation, and his insights have been wonderful. I feel that I understand myself and the world around me better. Super helpful. Thank you so much, Andres, for helping me see things with a new perspective and a better lens. 

Advanced Practice Nurse, department of ENT 

University of Chicago Medicine




Andrés Valencia is the Founder and CEO of Deliberate Breakthroughs, a boutique management consulting and leadership development firm that delivers alignment for executive and leadership teams.

He has built his career by designing and delivering large-scale change management projects in the United States and Europe. His experience spans various industries including banking and financial services, big law, construction, entertainment, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, pharma, start-ups, and non-profits.

He believes that when people connect to their vision and what is meaningful to them, their world, and by extension ours, becomes a better place. Andrés has worked with hundreds of executives and managers to create their bold and innovative vision and then translate it into a clear strategy that can be realized by a senior management team.

His process has consistently resulted in measured improvements in both individual and team productivity, communication, and team performance.

Originally from The Netherlands, Andrés is based in Chicago where he lives with his wife and son.

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