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Sustainable Success Today Demands More than Technical Skills and Cutting Edge Technology... It Demands Heart.

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The overall focus of Deliberate Breakthroughs, LLC is to help your organization or team to achieve extraordinary results by fully mobilizing the personal and collective talent, expertise, and experience of your leadership and senior management team.


Our unique team development approach is transformational. By learning to interact authentically and courageously rather than cautiously or in siloes through our heart-led approach, your team members become more effective and engaged.


Building upon any existing strategic work you have done to date, we build a framework to align your leadership team and organization around a bold and compelling next-level future vision, strategy and execution plan, with 100% ownership and accountability by all.


Even the most effective and successful professionals often need to step up their personal leadership effectiveness in order to fulfill their accountabilities, make a difference, inspire others, influence change and live up to their vision and potential.

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Working with Andres has been an eye-opening journey. I walked in with imposter syndrome, and heavy trauma from another boss that was impacting my work and relationships in my current role. I was always thinking about what I could have done better which was on constant replay in every situation all of the time. This rumination caused a lot of anxiety and stress in my new role. I became both the victim and villain in my own story. Being in this perpetual state of mind, kept my answers hidden from me. Andres pushed me to connect with my higher self, take back control of the driver's seat, and take a breath (which is something that I didn't even allow myself to do). I walked away being able to think as a leader, scan the landscape to think strategically for my team + coaching strategies, and reconfigure my mindset around breaks and wins. I am forever grateful to Andres for holding space for me and supporting me on my healing journey to become a true leader. Thanks a million times over for all the time and work we have done together.

Jennifer Justice

Director of Client Services, Sol Marketing Agency

"Andrés helped us remember why we are healthcare professionals and refocus on each other and our patients. This has improved job enjoyment and satisfaction which was reflected in the increased employee engagement scores. In addition, our patient experience scores also improved significantly. Together, we really achieved the impossible and became the model for the institution. My team has become a family that treats everyone with respect and trust. It is an exhilarating feeling, and everything is now possible."

Chief of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery

University of Chicago Medicine

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your impact. You are well known and loved by all members of our team. You are lovingly referred to as our therapist and you have helped refocus and re-energize our teamwork and patient care. Personally through your guidance I have increased my enjoyment of my patient interactions."

Andres has been amazing!!! He makes me feel very important with his listening skills, checks in during the conversation, and his insights have been wonderful. I feel that I understand myself and the world around me better. Super helpful. Thank you so much, Andres, for helping me see things with a new perspective and a better lens. 

Advanced Practice Nurse, department of ENT 

University of Chicago Medicine




Andrés Valencia is the Founder and CEO of Deliberate Breakthroughs LLC, a strategic consulting firm specializing in helping companies to achieve results that are beyond their expectations, by mobilizing and aligning the collective and individual talent, experience and expertise within their organization.

He has built his career by designing and delivering large-scale change projects both in the United States and The Netherlands. His work has encompassed a broad range of industries including banking and financial services, big law, construction, entertainment, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, pharma, start-ups and non-profits.

Andrés has coached and consulted executives and managers to create bold and innovative strategies as well as achieve dramatic improvements in individual and team productivity, communication and performance. He believes that when you connect to your purpose and to what is meaningful to you, your world becomes a better place. His experience has seen the impact of what happens when his clients prioritize themselves and allow themselves to pursue their dreams again.

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