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Live Life Deliberately

You know you're capable of doing more than what you've accomplished so far in life.

Maybe you're living life in the fast lane only to realize just how drained, disconnected and dissatisfied you are.

And yet you're convinced that there is a different way; that you can live your life filled with purpose and meaning so that you finally make the impact you're meant to make and feel energized and satisfied in the process.

You may be ready to finally prioritize yourself so that your relationships, energy, and joy match your business success.

Leadership Development

Imagine feeling equipped and skilled at leading your team, having confidence in yourself and instill trust in your team.  

Imagine standing in your power and having the audacity to make courageous decisions.

Imagine having time and mental capacity to look ahead and pinpoint the direction of where you want to go, creating that dot on the horizon of where you want to take your team or organization.  

And imagine having the time, the energy and the drive to build out those projects that will get you there.  

Imagine feeling equipped at articulating that vision, and getting your team alongside with you as you create that future state that energizes you.

Imagine what would be possible then…  

Employee Engagement

Imagine walking into your office and the cohesion in your team is remarkable. There is a drive and desire to work together and collectively create the best experience for your client, your patients, your guests. 

Your team does what you ask of them and more, because they are genuinely and authentically energized by the work they get to do.  

Imagine that your team knows and appreciate each other, and they solve things on their own because they feel equipped, trusted and empowered.

What would be possible if that were the case? 

Speaking Engagements

Connecting with any group brings the conversation to a whole new level. 

Although the main part of any speaker engagement is lecture, you can expect me to engage people into the conversation directly in a large or small group. I will help individuals to navigate their own stories within the larger group and help them connect the dots. 

Key speaking topics focus on leadership, bringing heart into your corporate culture and personal development. 



"Andrés helped us remember why we are healthcare professionals and refocus on each other and our patients. This has improved job enjoyment and satisfaction which was reflected in the increased employee engagement scores. In addition, our patient experience scores also improved significantly. Together, we really achieved the impossible and became the model for the institution. My team has become a family that treats everyone with respect and trust. It is an exhilarating feeling, and everything is now possible."

Chief of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery

University of Chicago Medicine

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your impact. You are well known and loved by all members of our team. You are lovingly referred to as our therapist and you have helped refocus and re-energize our teamwork and patient care. Personally through your guidance I have increased my enjoyment of my patient interactions."

Andres has been amazing!!! He makes me feel very important with his listening skills, checks in during the conversation, and his insights have been wonderful. I feel that I understand myself and the world around me better. Super helpful. Thank you so much, Andres, for helping me see things with a new perspective and a better lens. 

Advanced Practice Nurse, department of ENT 

University of Chicago Medicine




Hi there! I’m Andrés Valencia,

Founder of Deliberate Breakthroughs and the Live Life Deliberately movement. I support high achieving professionals prioritize themselves so that their relationships, energy, and excitement match their business success.

I believe that when you connect to your purpose and to that what is meaningful to you, this world becomes a better place. I have seen and heard the impact it has when someone leads their best life. And I believe this is possible for everyone. 

You too can be filled with hope, inspiration, connection, and create a life that is deeply meaningful to you. 

My goal is to support you build a life that is filled with possibilities, improvement and manifestation. I would love the opportunity to support you in creating meaning, purpose, and joy on your own terms. 

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